Amazing Health Benefits of Kefir


Did you know that Kefir (a fermented product of milk) can be extremely beneficial to your overall health? From multiple sources of B vitamins needed for a strong nervous system and healthy blood, to biotin, thiamine, and tryptophan.

Kefir is practically bursting full of things to increase and maintain a healthy mind and body. What is more is that it can be made from at home from anything containing milk including, cow milk, sheep milk, goat milk, even soy, coconut (even coconut water), and rice milk.

This article focuses on some of the major benefits that Kefir has to offer.

1. Boosts immunity and energy

The Probiotics found in Kefir are one of the very best ways to boost your immune system. These living organisms are a type of healthy bacteria that can be found, by natures design, living in our digestive system.

The gut has an equal impact on our daily lives as our actual brains do, so it is highly important that we make sure it is properly cared for for the maximum outlook on life as well as out of actual energy.

Kefir helps us to establish a balance of healthy bacteria in our digestive tract that we have may thrown off kilter due to poor diet or daily medicines.

2. Source of many nutrients

Kefir contains all of the following nutrients which are beneficial for a healthy mind and body. B vitamins including mainly vitamin B2 and B12, biotin, calcium, enzymes, folate, magnesium, phosphorus, probiotics, vitamin K2 and more.

The amount of active nutrients found in Kefir vary a great deal due to what type of milk was used to create the particular batch, what sort of animal or plant the milk came from, and what region said plant or animal comes from.

Regardless of the varying levels of nutrients found in each individual batch or type of Kefir, it is needless to say the nutritional value is extremely high.

3. A more powerful probiotic than yogurt

Both yogurt and kefir contain an abundance of B vitamins, calcium, potassium, protein and a host of other similarities due to being the products of cultured milk.

The main difference between the two is the number of helpful bacteria each contains. Both have a massive amount of live organisms, known as probiotics, however, kefir contains at a minimum 300% more probiotics than yogurt on average.

There is no precise data on this because each batch is made differently and so is made up of different percentages though sometimes the difference is as much as 4000% higher.

In example, 80 billion probiotic organisms are found in one cup of kefir, where as only 2 billion are found in the same amount of yogurt.

4. Help with lactose intolerance

Eating small doses of Kefir over a long period of time can help to seriously improve the digestion of people who suffer from lactose intolerance.

The process of fermentation caused by Kefir helps to change the structure of protein in milk, and milk based products, which in turn makes the digestion process easier.

5. Improves digestive system

The bottom line with kefir and the digestive system is that it is known to regulate a well maintained balance of good bacterias in our guts, period.

In short, kefir is more than helpful in regulating the entire digestive system even helping those with chronic diarrhea and improve or cure other chronic digestive based issues and serious diseases.

Eating foods high in probiotics is one of the best things you can do to take better care of your gut and cut back on the upset stomach issues that you have dealt with in the past. Simply changing your dietary habits to include more kefir can do wonders.

6. Acts as anti-inflammatory

Kefir has been proven (again I would like to mention that this was through animal testing and not on humans) to reduce and even totally suppress inflammatory related responses to asthma and major allergies.

7. Lowers risks of diabetes

It is truly amazing how much healing power lies within kefir. That being said, kefir even helps to lower risks of diabetes.

There is no cure for diabetes, which is one of the worst parts about it. Once you have it, you have it for life.

Lactic acids found, as well as the host of probiotics mentioned earlier, in Kefir can help you to prevent developing diabetes and to moderate the symptoms even if you have already developed it.

8. Kefir for gut health

If you have not figured it out by now, kefir is a powerhouse of nutrition. This is the number one reason it is so good for your gut.

The fact that kefir is full of protein, contains less sugar than other milk products such as yogurt, and the huge amount of probiotics found in kefir, help to restore and balance the bacteria in your gut to help smooth out the digestive system completely.

9. Can cure acne

Acne is a skin disorder that revolves around isolated areas of the skin that become inflamed. Kefir has known probiotics (mentioned above) which help to reduce inflammatory issues. Acne is no special case.

Drinking kefir products can also help you fight acne in other ways, by placing a host of good bacteria in your gut. How would that help you with acne on your face? Simple. Better gut health equals better over immune system, better sleep, and in turn, better skin.

10. Promotes skin health

As just mentioned, kefir can do a lot to help fight skin disorders and to prevent you from breaking out in the first place.

Due various factors such as high protein content and a high number of probiotics, or good bacteria, kefir can truly do a world of good for your gut. Once your gut is under control, your skin becomes under control.

Many skin disorders are caused by toxins that the body is try to purge. With kefir, the lining of your gut becomes stronger, as does your overall immune system. That means, once you fix your gut, you fix your skin.

That being said, kefir is not a cure for skin disorders, rather it helps you to prevent then and to manage them if they are already existing.

11. Acts as antibiotic and antifungal properties

Lactobacillus kefiri is one of the many probiotics found in kefir that are believed to be a great defence against infection and bacteria such as Salmonella and many others.

Lactobacillus kefiri is not found anywhere else but in kefir, it is completely unique to the substance. Another antibacterial type of carbohydrate that is found within kefir is Kefiran, it is also totally unique to kefir.

These two antibacterials can slow down and even reverse the growth of harmful bacteria and infections, making kefir even more amazing for our overall health.

12. Improve bone strength

As mentioned before, kefir contains vitamin K12 as well as calcium. Both of these nutrients are extremely beneficial to bone growth as well as strength.

This fact alone gives people who have a regular intake of kefir the ability to improve their bone health.

13. Healthy lifestyle

Kefir, in one language, means feeling good. In another, it means manna. I think it is safe to say that a good healthy body and sound mind (in other words feeling good) are required elements of strength.

If we don’t feel good, we don’t feel strong. Literally, we can not be strong if our body is not strong. Our bodies can not be strong unless our immune system is strong, keeping us healthy, and allowing us to feel good and operate at our best. The vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and probiotics found in kefir give us strength.

14. Lowers risk of osteoporosis

Osteoporosis, a condition mainly seen in the western world, is when the bones in your body begin the process of deterioration too soon and too fast.

This is due in large part to a major lack of calcium intake. The best proven method for preventing osteoporosis as well as promoting overall good bone health, is the intake of a healthy amount of calcium and other milk based products.

Can you guess why kefir then has been said to lower the risk of osteoporosis? You guessed it. Kefir is high in not only calcium but in vitamin K12, both of which promote generally better bone health.

15. Maintains heart function

Studies have shown that one of the best ever ways to prevent a heart attack was through the regular administration of probiotics. By now you are probably sick of hearing that word, but let me tell you, it is a pretty big deal.

Kefir is loaded with them, and that is why kefir is excellent for keeping your heart in good shape and even helping you to prevent a future heart attack. Another interesting tip, to maintaining good heart function is simply to be optimistic and of a positive sound mind.

Something kefir can help you do because of the way it promotes good gut health. The gut has been known as the second brain for a reason.

Good gut health has been linked time and time again to good mental health. So, in truth, kefir helps to maintain heart function through multiple levels.

16. Potentially fights cancer

Aside from actively stimulating the immune system in general, which is one of the most basic ways to not only fight cancer but to prevent cancer from occuring in the first place, kefir is also thought to have the ability to prevent the forming of carcinogenic compounds in the body.

Kefir has been proven to prevent certain types of cancer by a little over 55%, while yogurt barely reduced cancer by less than 15%.

I would like to add that these studies have not been proven on human beings, but that the results were proven through animal testing. Either way you look at it, kefir really has curbed cancer, after all, how far removed from animals really are human beings.

17. Protection against infection & allergy

Kefir is known to have anti-allergenic properties, including the ability to reduce food allergies by rebuilding and colonizing microflora symbiosis in the digestive system.

Kefir is also capable of restoring balance to intestinal microbes as well, in other words, activating immune cells in the guts. Probiotics such as those found in kefir are also being heavily studied for the treatment and prevention of several allergic disorders.

So far the verdict is still out, though results have been very promising. Kefir also helps to fight off infections due to many ways it boosts overall well being of the immune system in general.

18. Improve asthma symptoms

As mentioned above, studies have proven kefir to majorly reduce and even completely suppress inflammatory responses that have been linked to asthma and other allergies.

More studies need to be done in this department, namely on human beings due to all major testing in the past being done on animals.

However, the results are still rather impressive and do not take away from the great benefits of kefir, or the fact that it does fight inflammatory issues.

19. Helps you lose weight

Tired of diet pills and exercise programs that leave you feeling bad and at the same weight you were when you started? Try kefir. It has been well documented that consuming kefir on a regular basis can and will help you shed those undesired pounds.

To start with, cutting back on dairy does not help people to lose weight as it is said to, that is a myth. What is not myth is that three or four servings of a milk product (like kefir) can actually help you lose weight.

This is due in part to the amount of calcium found in kefir. Calcium helps your body burn more fat than what it stores. Try drinking kefir everyday, or eating it n your salad, and watch as the weight begins to regulate itself and fade away.

20. Lower risks of obesity

Hand in hand with losing weight, kefir also lowers the risk of developing obesity. Again, a big factor behind this truth is the amount of dietary calcium found within kefir.

Other probiotics in kefir will also double team your weight problems, not only helping you lose weight, but also i helping you from gaining more than is healthy. Improved bowel movements, a healthier stomach lining, and lower cholesterol levels due to regular consumption of kefir will also help to combat to issue of obesity.

Just remember that there is no replacement for discipline when it comes to achieving anything in life. That being said, kefir can be your new best friend when it comes to losing weight and preventing obesity. Stop taking pills and medicines harmful to your body, start consuming kefir.

21. Helps you to detoxify your body

While kefir may not yet be qualified as an actual detox food, it most definitely does qualify for being an amazingly effective support to the detoxification process in general.

Toxins that enter into your digestive system are detoxed by the good bacterias that kefir colonizes in your gut. This includes toxins that are known to cause cancer. Kefir also causes better bowel movements which in turn cleanses and helps to detox the colon.

It is also believed that a number of the beneficial nutrients found in kefir promote the detox system of the live as well as creating bile. All in all it is more tan fair to say that kefir definitely helps to detoxify your body.

22. Easy to make at home

One of the greatest things about kefir is that you can easily make it from home. Skip buying kefir from a store, make it yourself and reap the maximum benefits that it has to offer.