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Free Shipping & Kefir Strainer for all orders​

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Free Shipping & Kefir Strainer for all orders​

Benefits of Kefir:

Improves the immune system

Kefir consists of several nutrients which boost the immunity level in the body.

With an abundance of probiotic agents such as Lactobacillus in addition to an insoluble polysaccharide known as kefiran, Kefir helps to fight enemy bacteria like salmonella.

Battle with bad bacteria apart, it helps to control blood pressure and reduce cholesterol.

Strengthens Bones

Bone degeneration diseases such as Osteoporosis are a major threat to the bone of the human body.

The excessive presence of Calcium in Kefir does not allow the diseases to attack bones.

In addition to Calcium, the Vitamin K2 assists in the absorption of Calcium in bones.

Keeps the skin healthy

The health of skin – the largest organ in a human body – is as important as that of bones, intestine, and heart.

Lack of protein and carbohydrates can cause several skin diseases and infections like psoriasis, rashes and various kinds of other skin allergies, among others.

Keeps Gastrointestinal diseases at bay

Many find it discomforting to digest dairy products because of their digestive system’s inability to digest lactose.

Kefir helps to break Lactose into digestible Lactic acid solution, making it easier for the stomach to undergo the digestion process.

Therefore, having Kefir on a regular basis will not only keep your bones and skin intact but will also protect you from several epidemics.